Thursday, August 16, 2012

SWT-SHR7: Teri Vs. Michelle & Michelle Vs. Cat

SWT-SHR7: Teri Vs. Michelle & Michelle Vs. Cat



Stars: Michelle, Teri, Cat

Teri Vs Michelle -- Very Bloody Topless
Not for the squeamish! Teri really does it to poor Michelle. Michelle is topless from the beginning. Teri dominates her throughout. Poor Michelle takes a real beating. She can't take any more, but Teri keeps on. It's harsh. It's violent. It's bloody and sexy, too. Cruel. Lots of boob hitting.

Michelle Vs. Cat -- Humiliation
Michelle gets tired of being beat and takes it out on poor Cat. They start outwrestling, but then Michelle takes over, that is that. She makes Cat recite phrases. She makes her kiss her feet again and again. Cat cries. Michelle doesn't get enough. It goes on and on. She makes Cat call her "master". Sexy, humiliation.

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