Friday, February 28, 2014

Scaring Michiko

Scaring Michiko

Stars: Michiko Minx, Scary Barry

When a slave doesn't mind her Master, the Master has to get tough. In this chilling video, Scary takes his slave to the edge and back. Sexy Michiko is in for a night of horrors and passion when Scary decides to teach her a lesson or two. This video, with 57 minutes of non-stop hardcore action, will excite and entice you. There is enough penetration and tease to make any slave behave, or will it? He will find all her hot points one by one as he slowly transforms her from a strong willed fiery vixen into his personal plaything. There is no holding back on this production and there will be no hitting the fast forward button.

File name: 238_BM_.wmv
Size: 512 Mb
Duration: 00:55:06
Resolution: 480x360