Friday, February 28, 2014

Spanked By My Wife & Mother-In-Law

Spanked By My Wife & Mother-In-Law

Stars: Miss Torres, Miss Daisa

It’s simple, don’t piss Miss Daisa off. Well, unfortunately, she is fed up with her husband. He has been taking advantage once again. He has been inconsiderate, irresponsible & disrespectful.

When he showed up an hour late and made her late for a client, it's the last straw. She decides he needs to be taught a lesson and it has been way too long since she's turned him over her knee for a good sound spanking.

She decides his punishment needs extra humiliation, so she calls her (real) mom to help her. Together they spank, strap and paddle Daisa's husband. He soon realizes he will not get away with his flippant, smart mouth remarks around his mother-in-law...especially after she washes his mouth out with a bar of soap and then is made to bite down on the soap while he is severely strapped. He's also bound spread-eagle to the bed and is strapped with the Razor Strap Daisa's mother used on her father.

This is a real spanking with a mother, her daughter and her son-in-law.

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