Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pumping Irene

Pumping Irene



Stars: Elle Rio, Natasha Skyler, Blondie Bee, Lois Ayres, Brittany Stryker, Angel Kelly, Tony Montana, Peter North, Randy West, Scott Irish, Jesse Eastern

You’ve heard of the Atkin’s diet and even the Subway Challenge. Irene and her perverted crew of personal trainers have cum up with an all new way to shed the calories and get pumped into shape! No elliptical machines or spin classes here. Here, it’s all about pumping til you can’t pump no more! Their creative methods include blowjobs, anal penetration, three-somes and even some lesbian lip locking for the exclusive club members. If they have to fuck the workout out of you they'll do it! No man or woman escapes Irene's camp without getting quite a workout and the ultimate sexual satisfaction. Less

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