Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Tickle Channel 2014 Volume 2

The Tickle Channel 2014 Volume 2

The tickle channel is back with the second volume of the 2014 series. It doesn’t disappoint and is full of young barely 20 something women that can’t take the tickling and some even manage to climax from the over-stimulation!

1. Cute 21 year old. Strapped into a chair. Teased to the edge of orgasms and tickled on her ribs, stomach and especially her armpits.

2. Tightly chair bound. Panties getting wetter by the minute as I tickle the rock hard nipples of this hot 21 year old. By the time I use the toothbrush vibrators on her nipples, she has already learned that she can orgasm just from nipple play.

3. Spread eagle. Nude. Cum soaked panties wrapped in her mouth and blindfolded. Watch this young hottie’s thighs and legs shake as I drag the feather across her pussy.

4. Tightly strapped down blonde says she was ticklish, but she is a little less than she says. So I make her squirm exploring every part of her with the toothbrush vibrator. I bring her to the edge of orgasm.

5. Watch this young blonde’s eyes as I tease and tickler her nipples. She makes great ball-gagged faces. Fingers, feathers and vibrators drive the girl crazy, but pinching and pulling her nipples hard brings her to the loudest orgasm.

6. Strapped down, ankles to thighs, legs spread wide. Ball gag deep in her mouth. The dirty old man slowly teasing and tickling her exposed pussy and clit. The young blonde’s pussy betrays her as it gets wet. She starts to moan and soon she needs to cum, even at the hands of the creep that has her.

File name: 250_BM_.wmv
Size: 637 Mb
Duration: 01:54:50
Resolution: 568x320