Saturday, May 31, 2014

Brat Girls 44

Brat Girls 44



Stars: Rachel Evans, Princess Nikki

Princess Nikki and Rachel Evans are two bossy brats who've found a new boy toy to play with! This new sub is new to the scene and needs to be broke in easy. The two mean girls start off by making him crawl across the floor so he can get a better look at the milk enemas they give themselves. Next, they take turns spitting on him, cursing him and slapping his face before the two girls take turns sitting on it! These model bodied brats have nothing but cruel intentions in mind for this poor sap - and they can't stop until they are satisfied that he's been put in his proper place! Less

File name: 075_FBFS_ Brat_Girls_44.wmv
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Duration: 00:20:20
Resolution: 568x320

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