Sunday, June 15, 2014

Heavy Duty Nurses

Heavy Duty Nurses



Stars: Wendy Watkins , Andi XXX, Kore Goddess, Kissy Barnes, Mature Sally, Madison Blush, Sapphire 38L

Heavy Duty Nurses have a medical bag full of delicious goodies for whatever might ail you. In this film, the buxom, horny nurses perform lesbian exams, participate in some massive jugs bondage, take rides on a horny patient, a well-hung doctor and their dildos along with one nurse who finds herself with massive milk-filled udders in need of lactation. Rather it's massive tits, a booty that never stops, a mouth that can suck the infection right out of you, these nurses can cure anything a horny male might suffer from. When you have a problem in your pants, a Heavy Duty Nurse certainly will know how to cure it. Less

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Duration: 01:33:31
Resolution: 568x264

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