Sunday, June 15, 2014

Justin Revel & Taz Duo

Justin Revel & Taz Duo


Stars: Justin Revel, Taz Duo

They may have intended to work out their bodies, but Justin and Taz are feeling a little tempted by each other—and they’re doing something about it! When Taz whips out his nice hard cock, Justin can’t wait to have a taste… from there, they’re led to one hardcore ass-pounding that they’ll never forget! And you better believe that a dick-down this hot ends with major cum explosions that you don't want to miss!

File name: 165_TGY_ Justin_Revel_&_Taz_Duo.wmv
Size: 146 Mb
Duration: 00:26:14
Resolution: 480x360

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165_TGY_ Justin_Revel___Taz_Duo.part1.rar
165_TGY_ Justin_Revel___Taz_Duo.part2.rar