Friday, June 20, 2014

The Tickle Channel 2014 Vol. 4

The Tickle Channel 2014 Vol. 4

Stars: Nichole Foxx, Crystal Frost, Mystick Moons

The Tickle Channel is back with even more erotic tickling action!

1. Sexy young girl is tested by tickling her all over her sexy spread and bound body.

2. Nicole has nipples that I adore. She is gagged tight and spread wide so I can tease those nipples. I want to make her squirm. I tickle her if she does not react. Her nipples get real hard. She moans real pretty through her nice red ball gag.

3. Nicole dared me to make her cum. She says men cant do it to her. After an hour of teasing and tickling and dragging a feather across her pussy and clit.She finds out that this old pervert has the patience and the technique to drive her crazy.

4. Crystal Frost's nipples are hyper sensitive. She hates for them to be touched, let alone tickled. Pure Hell. That is exactly why I do it to her once she is tightly and inescapably bound.

5. Young newbie to bondage gets strapped tight teased to the edge of orgasm and tickled. Seems the young lady is extremely ticklish!

6. Tightly bound young girl is teased and tickled with my toothbrush vibrator, all shot POV, See my view of bringing this little hottie right to the edge of orgasm then sensually tickling her.

7. Mysti has been teased for well over 30 minutes now and she wants to orgasm. The dirty old pervert keeps her on the edge of cumming until he hears her beg through her ball gag.

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