Saturday, October 18, 2014

Beauty Bound

Beauty Bound

Stars: Aiysis, Dan Hawke

Aiysis is a tall, striking, blonde beauty that is really made to suffer under Dan's cruel treatment. Opening with Aiysis' neck locked in a leather collar, which is attached overhead, Dan tears off her crisp white blouse, black mini-skirt and sexy white bustier. Pushing her down onto a chair, Dan wraps a rope around her waist and through her pussy before tying the other end of the rope to her ankle. This makes the beauty grind the rope into her sex with every move of her leg. Drool spills down the front of her body as she struggles.

Next, Dan puts her into complex kneepoint bondage with a rope around her chest, which makes breathing difficult. You see all color blanche from this beauty's face during this short scene.

Next, Dan chains her ankles to her wrists, spreads her legs wide and using a crotch rope causes her to thrust her sexy pussy out and up. This is a signature position for Dan - the kneeling crotch pull!

Finally, Dan hoists Aiysis up onto his horse for a suspended ride as the harsh wood pushes cruelly against the folds of her labia. This is a truly beautiful woman who is put through extreme agony at Dan's hands.

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